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This Week’s Fan of the Week Spreads His Love For Horror Hosts!

This Week’s Fan of the Week Spreads His Love For Horror Hosts!

10695332_10152763288633623_954055088_nSIR DAVID ALBAUGH is the co-owner of the horror blog site TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES( Him and his partner, Dave Fuentes, began this site from their mutual love for past and current horror hosts. SIR ALBAUGH explains how he fell in love with Cinema Insomnia after witnessing his first CI episode of BUCKET OF BLOOD(1959),Blood

“Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia was one of the ones that…

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JohnnyMr. Lobo was unable to log on to Facebook because of a name violation. “Mr. Lobo”, “Mister Lobo”, “M. R. Lobo”, and “Host MrLobo” are not acceptable names and are in violation of Facebook’s controversial “real” names policy.
Our leader’s account was suspended until he entered his documented legal name–including his (ulp) first name. Fortunately, “Lobo” is the mister’s given last name and it’s…

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